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Published: Sat, 20 Jun 2015 - 21:39:06
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By: Dyta
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Something Calling From Behind Nature Under My Thoughts

Something Calling From Behind Nature Under My Thoughts - - Every time I am silent, existing in the shadow of my mind like kings in the kingdom of Majapahit era.
I imagine the temples, temples, pyramids, palaces, and I imagine that build it.
And the nights were quiet around the palace in antiquity. Another time I often imagine, the grandeur of the palace at the time of the pharaohs, a new era in which the prophet was sent down to earth.

Although there were a lot of violence in the story, but it is imagined in my head is the silence desert, where there is only one star that illuminates.
And when I see the stars and the night, the silence of the night even more intriguing, escorted by a million questions, about which he says the universe is similar horn.
Where we, I mean the earth at the end of the horn or widest part of the horn, while the smaller circumference of the horns is heaven, to six or possibly up to the seventh heaven.

The sky to six trees grow Sidratul Muntaha is very high lote tree, grows in the sky to six and climbed to the seventh heaven. This tree is the Prophet Muhammad met God while taking command of prayer in the event of Isra 'Mi'raj
It is said that this tree that marks the end of the sky and into a boundary marker which creatures can not pass through. Named Sidrat al-Muntaha (tree tops), because the science of its top angel here. No one can get through, except the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam.

Regarding Sidratul Muntaha, many scholars who thrusts a variety of opinions. Hadith of Ibn Abbas (Radi Allah Anhu) said that he heard the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam explained about Sidratul Muntaha.
Prophet Muhammad explained how the trip to Sidratul Muntaha accompanied by the Angel Gabriel . He told how the state Sidratul Muntaha but could not describe its beauty in detail because only God omniscient . The views of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam did not exceed the allowed limit . It shows how his attitude as guests of God .

Sidratul Muntaha it is Asvattha tree in Hinduism . Hindus say that the tree stretched Asvattha of the universe , it is contained in the Vedic scriptures

On the ground java land called the tree of life , or the banyan tree ? From Anas radi ' anhu , the Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam said ;
I saw Shidratul - Muntaha in seventh heaven . This fruit like a pitcher Hajar area , and leaves like elephant ears . From the roots of the two outer streams and two rivers in . Then I asked , "O Jibril , whether both of these things ? " He replied ?", "The two were in was in heaven while the two were outside it is the Nile and the Euphrates. (HR. Bukhari 3207)

Now that's something Calling From Behind Natural Down My mind, of Shidratul Muntaha, Asvattha, Tree of Life, Banyan Tree?

But clearly the Prophet mention of the root (Sidratul Muntaha) flows two rivers Nile and Euphrates. The second stream was clearly obvious in the world, and one of them will soon be a marker coming of the Hour, the river Euphrates! ..

What is happening in different parts of the world today, which further adds to my belief that a decent and worthy to be believed. And it is Islam!

May be useful.
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