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Date : 29 Apr 2018 10:47:42
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We are now launching our bounty campaign for
our ICO. Enterprise capital firms and in uncommon instances for public investors, they're granted equity for the
funding in the coin together with voting rights and dividends.
If the money raised does not fulfill the minimal funds needed by the corporate,
the money is returned to the backers and the ICO is taken into account
to be not successful. Maybe the best characteristic of an ICO is that the tokens are thought-about liquid, in contrast to investing in conventional start ups,
where investor cash can be tied in for years.

However ICOs differ from crowdfunding as a result of the backers of the previous are encouraged by a possible
return of their financial investments, while the funds raised
in the latter campaign are basically contributions. Most ICOs are scams and most cryptocurrencies (apart
from Bitcoin, altcoins”) are shit coins. These funding rounds are sometimes referred to as donations” or presale

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