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Published: Wed, 21 Nov 2018 - 20:30:21
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How to Get Best Free Backlink For Your Website Traffic?

How to Get Best Free Backlink For Your Website Traffic? - - How to Get Best Free Backlink For Your Website Traffic?

From some backlinks, you can get more traffics for your website. You may already have backlinks from some or all of these. Hopefully you have, in which case your task now is to review the page your link is on, and make sure it follows the principles above.

Below is some best free backlinks, if the first few sites look too obvious (huh, everybody knows that!), keep going down the list. I guarantee there will be some you don’t know or aren’t using it.

1. Youtube

No videos of your own? No problem, you can create a channel and share other people’s (but do create at least one of your own too, it’s easy – see below). Make sure that the videos you put on your channel are relevant to your website link. Your link goes in the "About" page for your channel. Again, make sure there is plenty of relevant content in your about page — a good 300 words or so. You can also add your link in the description of your videos. You can put links in comments also, so make sure you add some, and again make them relevant.

2. Facebook

Create a Facebook Page or Business Page. You can put your website link in description. Posting your website contents. Then, invite your friends to Like your Page.

3. Twitter

Put your website links in your Twitter page, one in the "website" field, and another one in the description. Post your website contents every time.

4. Google Plus [+]

Yo can put your website link in your Profile page, and also in individual posts.

5. Pinterest

Get Backlinks from your profile page, and from Pins that you post. Pinterest is huge at the moment. And like all these sites, you can get a lot of traffic from it, as well as backlinks.

6. Linkedin

Not just for a very high-authority backlink, but also for the traffic you can get from within the site.

7. Stumbleupon

Join at stumbleupon, share your website links and contents.

8. Others Social Media

Create accounts on others social media and share your website links. Like Reddit, Vimeo, Flickr, Tumblr, ETC.

Maybe usefull.
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